Green Corridor Project

Barron Catchment Care (BCC) initiated the Green Corridor Project in 2005 with an aim to conduct revegetation and sediment control works in the Barron River Catchment over 20 years. The group charged us with trying to tackle the cost of landscape restoration and we have adopted and trailed many approaches to address this task. To date over 100,000 seedlings have been planted, several erosion control projects completed and 400 hectares of weeds managed.

NQLMS being BCC’s principal contractor have and still are rolling out many project from the Mouth of the Barron to the source. Task includes;

  •         Produce revegetation site plans for 25 sites.
  • Writing grant applications
  •         Work with a variety of private and public landholders.
  •         Organise operation management including resourcing conducting on-ground works and on-going maintenance.

This project is a 20 year initiative and works are on-going into the future.

Project Links

Some sites include.

  • Bonadio’s: 38000 seedlings planted, 20 hectares of weeds managed. The Bonadio property sits in the heart of Mabi country which is listed under Commonwealth legislation as “Critically Endangered”. We have reinstated approximately 15 hectares of Mabi through revegetation.
  • Turbina: Turbina corymbosa is an aggressive exotic vine species which took a huge foothold in Mabi forests after cyclone “larry” in 2006. BCC has been actively involved in rolling out control programs within the Tablelands since”