NQLMS produce a variety plans including;

  • Revegetation Plans
  • Rehabilitation Site Plans
  • Species Lists
  • Vegetation Management Plans
  • Vegetation Assessment Documents

Vegetation monitoring

NQLMS offer a variety of vegetation monitoring services including;

  • Monitoring germination rates on seeds (nursery), revegetation sites and natural areas.
  • Vegetation assessments to determine remnant status. Usually associated with development offsetting.
  • Large scale forest surveys

Erosion works

NQLMS in combination with our subcontractors design and construct mediation works design to conserve soils and limit impacts on waterways. The service ranges from engineering to finishing off landscaping. We specialize in species selection in difficult sites such as modified drainage areas and riparian zones coupled with this our nursery is able to grow targeted species for projects.

Site evaluations and remediation

Often sites are in degraded zones where land clearing and associated sedimentation has made sites difficult to re establish with native vegetation. This services investigates options such as drainage and earth works, soil chemical adjustments, the soil’s “O” horizon adjustments and vegetation selection.

Grant writing

NQLMS assist community groups and landholders to acquire specific funding through a variety of grants, tasks include;

  • Scoping, costing and planning projects
  • Providing technical support to grants
  • Writing grants