Reef Assist Program

The Reef Assist Program is a QLD Government employment program targeting youth employment in Reef Catchment Zones throughout QLD. This Covid triggered stimulus employment program aims to tackle environmental issues impacting the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon. Other benefits include the injection of income to local businesses in regional QLD and training youth in Natural Resource Management.

NQLMS was approached to host a team by our partners including;

  •         South Endeavour Trust
  •         Rainforest Reserves Australia
  •         Rainforest 4 foundation
  •         Queensland Parks & Wildlife

NQLMS approached WTMA to submit a bid to employ 10 participants for twelve months which they agreed to host the program.

The team to date has achieved.

  •         Planted approximately 15000 native seedlings including site preparation and on-going weed maintenance.
  •         Produced 20000 native seedlings in two nurseries.
  •         Attained accredited and non-accredited training appropriate within this sector.
  •         Assisted local voluntary groups with on-ground works.

The team are motivated, hard working and keen to keep working in this industry.