Dirran’s end

In 2015 NQLMS was engaged by South Endeavor Trust to revegetate a large property they purchased near Mount Hypipamee National Park on the Atherton Tablelands. This property is regarded as a critical site for highland refugial as it is above 1000 above sea level. The property also falls within into the Walter Hills east west wildlife corridor which runs from Mission Beach to Herberton. The Walter Hill corridor is regarded within the industry as the most critical wildlife corridor in the Wet Tropics.

To date we have planted 38,000 native seedlings and achieved canopy closure. We were excited this year when we discovered a Cassowary and chicks have moved into the site, we also have spotted tree kangaroos and these sightings make our hard work all worthwhile.

The work on this property is ongoing with plans to plant another 30+ hectares.