Turbina Weed Management

NQLMS staff have been working on Turbina corymbosa outbreaks within rainforest areas on the Atherton tablelands since 2008.

Turbina an exotic vine (in the sweet potato family) grows vigorously producing numerous seeds per plant and if left unchecked will smoother and kill native vegetation. Since severe Tropical Cyclone “Larry” where large tracts of remnant rainforest where defoliated and many trees damaged Turbina has gained a foothold.

We are engaged by State agencies, private landholders and Landcare groups to survey remnant areas, cut & paint and folia spray Turbina. Treating Turbina within native vegetation requires field botany skills and specialised control techniques. Some of our sites are in World Heritage Areas and all native species are protected under state legislation therefore our extensive experience makes our services ideal for this sensitive weed control activity.

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