Project Management

NQLMS provide project management services ranging from scoping to reporting including implementation. We specialize in large scale landscape rehabilitation where we take a holistic approach considering factors such as production, drainage, livestock exclusion, feral animal management and aesthetics. Often projects take several years needing diligent financial control, risk control and contingency which NQLMS can offer. 

Special projects

NQLMS has been contracted to employ and train indigenous people to work on country. Our organisation fully supports indigenous involvement in land management and encourages clients to engage this service.

Community engagement and landholder negotiations

NQLMS has been engaged to undertake community based events such as field days and community plantings. Our staff sit on district and regional working groups addressing matters such as weeds, threatened ecosystems and Wet Tropics revegetation.

NQLMS are contracted to engage landholders especially in the agricultural industry to address a range of Landcare issues.

Recent Projects

> Mabi Project
> Water intakes
> Saline Soils
> Turbina Managment

Additional Services

 Technical Services
On-ground Services